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Other signs may find the Cancer to be too sensitive or even emotionally immature because of how easily upset they can get, but there's another sign that completely understands. Cancer has the best zodiac compatibility with Pisces, another Water sign. These two see a kindred spirit in one another and likely to get along quickly.

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Cancer gives Pisces some structure, and Pisces offers Cancer their emotional support. These signs understand how great a kind word can be.

Tu signo zodiacal indica cuál es parte más sensible de tu cuerpo. ¡Descúbrelo!

Your Venus is in: These compatibility interpretations can be used with Sun Signs as well. Around 10, people are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year in the UK, with it being much more common in older people. Share this Article Like this article? For more info, visit the British Liver Trust. Lucas, A.

And how painful thoughtless actions can affect other people. Although these two seem like a match made in heaven, they do have their problems. When life gets hard, these two may not face their issues. If life gets the better of them, they can be stuck in depression, and even resort to more dangerous means of escaping from reality.

Any career that lets Cancer work hard and deals with home life is ideal for them. Cancers are naturally family-oriented — they can be great nutritionists and realtors, and basically any position that lets them use their people skills while improving other peoples lives. Their management, organization, and listening skills make them excellent caterers and domestic agency owners.

Jamille Jones is a freelance writer who taught English in Hiroshima, Japan for 2 years. She's an Asian culture enthusiast, chocolate addict, video gamer, and loves to teach for the heck of it.

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Photo: pexels. Jamille Jones. Zodiac , Self November 24, Cancers have the biggest heart. Click to view 12 images. Jacqueline Treboschi. Asc Aries.

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Compatibilidad de Aries con: aries,tauro,geminis,cancer,leo,virgo,libra,escorpio Compatibilidad Aries, Tarot Económico, Videncia Económica, Horoscopo Aries y romántico, pero se le dificulta tomar decisiones, más aún cuando sabe que. Compatibilidad de sagitario con: aries,tauro,geminis,cancer,leo,virgo,libra Estos dos signos cuentan con características semejantes y coinciden Estas discrepancias parecen unirlos cada vez más, consiguiendo así la armonía buscada.

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