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They're one of the game's longest-running duos and a good example of compatibility.

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But Aries butt heads when it comes to Cancers water and Capricorns earth. So when beef is brewing, take a look at which rapper falls under the horoscope and that'll likely explain why.

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Since they're represented by the ram, a typically aggressive animal, that means these artists dive head-first into their careers and take challenges as the come. Plus the fact that they are the first sign in the Zodiac has to count for something.

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Take a look at some of hip-hop's most popular Aries here. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

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Characteristics of March During October, Venus moves into Virgo, helping you to feel both more confident and more aware of what you need from a relationship. If you want to restore peace to an existing relationship, early April is your best shot, with a New Moon occurring in your love zone, enabling a new start if both parties genuinely want it. Expect this process to get underway in late January when a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to examine how you can best be of service to the world. Maybe Feng Shui would help. Love comes to the rescue in August, with Venus arriving in your romance zone before moving onto your passion zone in September, so it looks like your relationship will have weathered the storm by then.

Characteristics of the signs. Do you want to know which are the principal characteristics of your sign of the zodiac?

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Or probably that of your pair? Every sign supports a series of correlations and bosses. The characteristics are marked from the birth by the planetary movements.

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Spanish Horoscope, Aries Sign. See what your Spanish horoscope will tell you. So let's check out what people are like according to the horoscope. Aries Carácter excepcional, fuerza, poder, éxito. Los nacidos en Aries son.

Discovers here how it is every sign Compatibility between signs. Which are the signs with which you remove naturally well?

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Which are the signs which better you do not even approach? With what signs might you support a wonderful loving relation? With that signs will jump sparks of passion? With what signs they will jump sparks, but of bad moments?

Discovers here everything on compatibilities between all the zodiacal signs As every leap year, this year appears as a year of numerous changes and innovations.